Flordemayo's Page


Flordemayo is a spiritual healer, medical intuitive and “Curandera Espiritu’ (healer by divine spirit Born in a small town in the big highlands of Central America. She grew up in a family of traditional healers, learning the art of “Curanderismo” in the traditional way: taught from mother to daughter, generation to generation. She worked from age four as her mother’s apprentice. She works by laying on of hands, and with herbs She works directly with clients or just as effectively with absent or distant healing Flordemayo has had the gift of being able to see Work with the effects of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance in the energy system. 

Flordemayo has studied alternative healing with Western, Mayan and Native American healers and Continues her training with Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj a respected spiritual leader, and head of the Quiche Maya Council of Elders. Flordemayo is recognized as a “priestess” by the Maya, and is a founding member and President of The Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, a non profit organization to unite native people everywhere and bring their message to all mankind. At this time Flordemayo is playing a key role in founding the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge. 

Flordemayo has been a featured speaker on Curanderismo at many conferences on traditional medicine; both within the United States and internationally in addition to alternative healing practitioners, medical doctors, nurses and medical institutions have recognize her knowledge and natural healing skills. Flordemayo is a frequent presenter at international conferences such, as the Institute of Noetic Sciences and recipient of the Martin de la Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine 

In personal and distant healings Flordemayo works with the individual’s energy field using the 13 Mayan energy centers to bring harmony and health to the whole person. This process involves balancing and removing blockages from the energy field. Additionally she uses the technique of “invisible surgery” to treat other problems as Specific areas of diseases Flordemayo is also able to provide distant healing with people who are not able to attend sessions in person. Any form of healing depends on the client and healer’s attunement to the universal principles of the power of thought to create or heal disease. This fact has now been accepted by medical Science. It is not God's Will that we are sick but our own creation. We are creations of God, Spirit (or whatever name expresses your relationship with the Creator) and share in his/her perfection, which also is our essential reality. In this sense Flordemayo and the client are partners in the healing process, but the true healer lies deep within. This healing principle is also the ocean of the Love of God in which we are all brothers and sisters 

Flordemayo’s remedies, Spirit Medicine of the grandmothers, are hand-made using traditional herbs, prayers and ceremony. These remedies have been passed down to Flordemayo through oral tradition for many generations. They are remedies for every type of situation, designed to cleanse, heal, protect and promote spiritual growth. She has studied extensively with her brother, a herbero in Nicaragua, for the last seven years. Currently working out of her home, she uses her kitchen to prepare remedies as has been done for generations. 

Since 1999 Flordemayo has been a part of the Wisdom of the Grandmother’s Foundation. Currently Flordemayo is a member of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Flordemayo and the grandmothers have traveled around the world uniting people in a circle of prayer.